Clean Air Ventilation

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Solving your moisture and dampness problems for over 25 years

Welcome to Clean Air Ventilation, we specialise in all types of ventilation, particularly sub floor. Our company offers a range of systems specially designed to suit your individual needs and improve your home living environment.

Our Ventmaster System is a custom built ventilation system designed to eliminate moisture and dampness from under your home that causes:

  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Odours
  • Timber floorboards to warp

Protect your most valuable asset and the people you love from harmful conditions caused by moisture and dampness.

Replacing warped floorboards and applying chemicals and preparations on your walls in an attempt to alleviate moisture mould and mildew problems can be a very costly exercise that does not change the cause of the problem. The Ventmaster system will eliminate all moisture thereby eliminating mouldy problems and warping floors thus providing cleaner air to breathe. Examining the sub floor area of your property is critical to achieving the right outcome.


Our other products include:
  • Domestic wind driven ventilators to relieve roof space heat and lower the temperature of your home.
  • We also specialise in fume, dust and heat extraction from industrial and commercial buildings to improve productivity and create a better working environment.
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